About Us

Chad Garrett, M.Ed. has become a tremendous advocate for the GTD (Getting Things Done) methodology over the past several years and is quite familiar with a wide variety of productivity services and tools. Nozbe (he happens to be a Nozbe Ambassador as well) is his go-to tool because of its ability to provide workflows for a wide spectrum of users. Through Chad’s familiarity with other products he can create a productivity system that is individualized for each user. Chad capitalizes on this ability to assist novices in learning methods to start down the path of organization, as well as helping advanced users with utilizing the granularity that can be found in a product such as Nozbe.

Chad’s degree in adult education and his work experience in corporate training as well as several large scale hospital training implementations, allows him a very unique perspective on helping people to gain skillsets that they desire. He is a father, husband, Apple fan and spinner who loves nothing more than to help people gain back time in their day by enhancing their ability to be productive. He lives in Cincinnati, OH and is available for virtual and in person consultations. Chad is incredibly enthusiastic about productivity and has helped numerous people organize their lives and maximize their time. He looks forward to helping several more!